Hello. Thanks for dropping by. We are Ellisha and Kelda, the two-sister team behind SkySprouts.
We supply SkySprouts Organic Sprouts throughout the country, fresh from our Organic farm in Devon.
You can find our fresh sprouts in most health stores throughout the country including Planet Organic and WholeFoods, as well as online at Riverford and Abel and Cole. If you are looking for SkySprouts in your local area, try your local health shop. If they aren’t there, ask them to contact their local Organic Wholesale Supplier to get them in stock for you. If you are a wholesaler and wish to stock our sprouts, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch at

Sprouts: What are they?

Sprouts are baby plants, edible at just a few days old, when they are at their peak of nutritional goodness. Instead of growing to full size, sprouts are harvested after just 3-6 days, which makes them highly concentrated sources of nutrition. This process releases all the nutrition contained inside the seed and makes it available to us, similar to ‘activating’ nuts or Chia seeds. Sprouts are brimming with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, as well as plant compounds that can be converted into hormones to balance our blood sugar levels, moods, energy levels and improve gut bacteria.

Why eat sprouts?

Sprouts are nature’s richest source of plant hormones, vital to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Plant compounds balance our hormones, reduce signs of ageing and combat the negative effects of bad diet and stress. A diet rich in plant hormones is believed to be the reason the Japanese live longer than anywhere else! Sprouts are easy to digest, brimming with enzymes to keep gut bacteria happy. They are a great source of easily-accessible protein and high alkaline, helping to reduce inflammation in our bodies. Sprouts are good for the planet, requiring neither land to grow nor the use of chemicals. Our sprouts are free from nasty pesticides, chemicals and fertilisers. Best of all, they are delicious!

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Stay up to date with our latest inspirations, recipes and tips for all things sprouts!