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How to Grow Sprouts

How to grow sprouts

We suggest starting with about 3 tablespoons of seed. You can see how much that gives you ands adjust accordingly. Place the seed into your germinator, or a jar or bowl and fill with water. Cool water is best, not cold. Stir the seeds to make sure they all get wet and push down those that float to the top. Leave for the appropriate soaking time. When the soaking time is up, fill the germinator with cool water again, and tip out. Make sure to drain the germinator very well. We like our Biosnackies because they have a lip on the lid, we use this to leave them at an angle on the dish rack. Most often the cause of sprouts going mouldy is due to not being drained properly. Sprouts don’t like to sit in old water. Continue to fill and drain 2-3 times a day until they are sprouted. Whilst growing leave the sprouts out of direct sunlight and at room temperature, and make sure they have some air circulation. If it is warm the sprouts will grow faster, and if it is cool they will grow slower. Whether it is light or dark makes no difference until the sprouts have leaves. Once they have sprouted leaves, if you wish to ‘green’ them, expose them to light. Photosynthesis will occur in the leaves, which means they will now contain chlorophyll. They are equally nutritious whether you ‘green’ them or not.

How to grow micro-greens

Micro-greens are just plants grown vertically, with their roots planted in soil or some other medium. Any of our seed, even the tiniest, can be grown as a micro-green, but some produce bigger and tastier plants than others and are more widely used, such as Black Sunflower and Pea Seed. You need a planting tray, filled with moist soil, or any other planting material (hemp, coconut, there are many soilless varieties now). Sprinkle the seeds on top. Spread with a fine layer of soil. Moisten the top layer. Cover the tray to keep out light and keep moisture in. Continue to mist the seeds with water 2-3 per day, enough to keep them moist. Place them somewhere where they can get light. You can buy a grow light or place on a windowsill that gets plenty of sunlight. Once they are grown, cut the greens just above the soil level. To get rid of the husks, particularly with the black sunflower, place the greens in a large bowl of water. All the husks will float to the top and can then be scooped out with a sieve.

Why are my sprouts going mouldy?

Whilst growing, sprouts do not like to sit in old water. Most causes of mould during growing are a result of not draining properly. Leave your Biosnacky at an angle to drain thoroughly. Sprouts also generate heat whilst growing, especially certain varieties such as Broccoli, Rambo Radish and Mung. If it is particularly hot, they may need rinsing more regularly to keep them cool. Cold water can be used in the summer to cool them down. The seed we sell is the same we grow, so we know it sprouts well. Growing the perfect sprout takes a little practise but once you understand these plants you will be able to adjust to their needs.

What do I need to get started?

Just your seed, and something to grow it in. One of our sprouting jars is ideal for growing single varieties at a time. Or you can use one of our three tiers to grow three different varieties at the same time.