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How to Sprout Mixed Beans

Mixed Bean Sprouting Instructions

  1. Put approximately 2 tablespoons of seeds in your sprouting jar
  2. Fill with warm water and leave to soak for 8 – 12 hours
  3. After 8 – 12 hours, empty the water from the jar, refill with warm water, and empty again.
  4. Leave to drain on the stand.
  5. Every morning and evening, fill up the jar, empty the water and leave draining on the stand.
  6. Repeat this every day for approximately 2 days.
  7. Once you are happy with the length of your sprouts (you can harvest them earlier or later depending on if you like a longer or shorter tail), store them in the fridge and eat over the next 7 days.



Adzuki beans (found in the Mix) are very hard beans and germinate slower than the others. It might look like they haven’t sprouted when the others are ready to harvest. 

If you follow the instructions they will absorb water and become soft enough to eat. Their nutrients will be activated. Don’t wait for them to grow a long sprout or the rest of your beans may start to go over.


At colder times of the year use warmer water and in spring/summer use cooler water. Sprouts are affected by temperature so if they are being grown in a particularly cold room then give them a boost by increasing water temp slightly.

In summer the Mix can be grown using water straight from the cold tap. 


China Rose Radish (and lots of other sprouts) grow little fuzzy rootlets on the tail of the sprout when they are without water. They will probably appear when you store them in the fridge, or perhaps whilst growing.

Don’t be alarmed if this happens. It’s perfectly normal and shows your sprouts are healthy. Give them a quick rinse and shake and they will disappear.