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This beautiful terracotta sprouter tower is perfect for growing a range of seeds and beans.

  • Food-Safe Terracotta
  • Innovative Stacking System
  • Night & Day Sprouting Options
  • Easy Sprout Germination
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GEO Terracotta Sprouter Tower - with sprouts
Terracotta Sprout Tower | Bavicchi GEO £28.54

This beautiful terracotta sprouter tower is perfect for growing a range of seeds and beans. Terracotta sprouters are fantastic not only because they are plastic-free, but because the porous material absorbs and releases moisture. The sprouter is designed to allow you much more control over the environment. It can create a dark and damp environment (perfect for either germination or varieties like mung beans) or you can stack the trays to allow more space and light in, giving you a greener sprout.

This sprouter comes with instructions on how to use, both growing mucilaginous seeds and regular seeds and beans.

You have the flexibility to stack the trays with a gap between them, allowing gentle rays of light to reach your sprouts, or snugly stack them without a gap, creating a cozy and dark environment that’s just right for germination and beansprout growth. What’s more, the sturdy terracotta trays are slightly heavier than plastic ones, giving your sprouts a boost as they push up against the upper tray, resulting in thicker and stronger sprouts. These natural terracotta trays also provide excellent ventilation, keeping your sprouts fresh and helping prevent the pesky development of mold.

Colour : Terracotta
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 170x170x260
Weight: 3kg
Made in Italy

Collections: Sprouting Equipment

5 reviews for Terracotta Sprout Tower | Bavicchi GEO

  1. Graham Collins (Verified Buyer)

    Arrived promptly and in perfect condition. I think it’s amazing product. Had fantastic results using the terracotta sprouted from the very first time using it. So simple to use and to care for your sprouts. It looks lovely in my kitchen and my children are really enjoying helping to water the harvest. Highly recommend

  2. Julie Church (Verified Buyer)

    Love the terracotta sprouting tower .
    Have sprouted various seeds and it’ works brilliantly and looks great !
    Highly recommended this product to home grow sprouts really easily.

  3. margaret snellgrove (Verified Buyer)

    I am delighted with this brilliant sprouted, so much nicer than the plastic one I used to have. Works every time and looks very good on my kitchen counter
    I am so glad I ignored the reviewer who failed to get anything to grow and went the positive experience of the other reviewer, as I had been looking for an alternative to plastic for some time, should have known Skysprouts would have one. Highly recommend.

  4. Susan Castle (Verified Buyer)

    Love this! Beautiful terracotta. So easy to use. Will be buying another to double my harvest!

  5. Rubina Khan (Verified Buyer)

    It looks good but nothing sprouted, water just drained away. Next test was with a bit of coir, that did not work either.
    Not sure how to use will need to research.
    Instruction leaflet would have been good with the product.

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