GEO Terracotta Sprouter


This beautiful terracotta sprouter is perfect for growing a range of seeds and beans. Terracotta sprouters are fantastic not only because they are plastic-free, but because the porous material absorbs and releases moisture. The sprouter is designed to allow you much more control over the environment. It can create a dark and damp environment (perfect for either germination or varieties like mung beans) or you can stack the trays to allow more space and light in, giving you a greener sprout.

This sprouter comes with instructions on how to use, both growing mucilaginous seeds and regular seeds and beans.

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10 months 21 days ago

What is the physical size please? Will it sit on a windowsill?

10 months 13 days ago

Hi Joy,

Dimensions are 170x170x260mm so as long as your windowsill is at least 17cm wide it will fit perfectly!