Organic Coconut Coir Discs For Microgreens


Organic, vegan and peat-free  – these coconut coir discs are perfect for growing microgreens. Place in a saucer or tray and pour 35 – 60ml of hot water on the disc. The disc will then soak up the water and expand. Spread the coir evenly and gently press to get a smooth, even surface. The coir should feel damp but not too soggy. You are then ready to sprinkle your seeds on top of the coir before watering very lightly and covering the tray or saucer so the seeds can germinate in the dark. Once they begin to sprout (anything from 3 – 5 days normally) remove the cover and place it in a light place.

Diameter: 3 cm

Saucer not included.

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