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Seeds for Microgreens

Here you will find everything you need to start growing microgreens or reorder your favourites.

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ProductMicrogreens / SproutsGrowing DifficultyTasteGrow Time
Alfalfa SeedSproutsMediumMild flavour, goes with anything4-7 days
Broccoli RaabSproutsMediumMild; hint of pepperiness4-7 days
Alfalfa and BroccoliSproutsMediumMild flavour, goes with anything4-7 days
Alfalfa and RadishSproutsMediumMild; hint of pepperiness4-7 days
Alfalfa and FenugreekSproutsMediumMild with slight taste of fenugreek4-7 days
FenugreekBothMediumMild curry flavour, great for adding interest to salads and sandwiches4-7 days
China Rose Radish SeedBothMediumSpicy and intense, like radish4-7 days
Rambo Radish SeedBothMediumSpicy and intense, like radish4-7 days
Leek SeedBothMediumFresh sweet onion. A super tasty garnish9-12 days
Cress SeedMicrogreensEasySpicy, peppery flavour, similar to Watercress10-14 days
White Mustard SeedBothMediumSimilar to horse-radish5 days/10-14 days
PeaBothEasyLike fresh peas, juicy and sweet2-3 days
Mixed BeansSproutsEasyFresh, nutty2-3 days
Mung BeanSproutsEasyJuicy and sweet2-3 days
ChickpeaSproutsEasyNutty, dense2-3 days
Adzuki BeanSproutsMediumNutty, dense4-5 days
Sunflower SeedSproutsEasyFresh and nutty2-3 days
Red Lentil SeedSproutsEasySweet and nutty2-3 days
Green Lentil SeedSproutsEasySweet and nutty2-3 days
Black Sunflower SeedMicrogreensMediumSweet, nutty, crunchy10-14 days
Red Mustard SeedBothMediumSlightly hot4-7 days/10-14 days
Broccoli SkySprouts Special MixBothMediumHint of pepperiness/mustard4-7 days
Broccoli CalabreseBothMediumHint of pepperiness/mustard4-7 days
Red Clover SeedSproutsMediumMild, gores with anything4-7 days
Wheat GrainWheatgrassHardLike sweet grass, strong6-10 days
Kale SeedBothMediumHint of pepperiness/mustard5-7 days
Red Beet SeedMicrogreenMediumSlightly sweet10-14 days
Rocket SeedMicrogreenMediumLike rocket salad leaves, peppery10-14 days
OnionBothMediumFresh sweet onion. A super tasty garnish9-13 days
Kohlrabi PurpleBothMediumMild, goes with anything4-7 days
AmaranthBothMediumMild, like nutty quinoa1-3 days/10-14 days
Split Coriander SeedMicrogreensMediumLike the herb coriander10-14 days
ParsleyMicrogreenMediumLike the herb parsley10-14 days
Freeze-Dried Broccoli SproutsSproutsEasySlight hint of pepper/ mustardN/A
Barley For SproutingSproutsMediumNutty and sweet3-4 days
Red Cabbage SeedBothMediumJuicy and fresh, slightly sweet4-7 days/10-14 days
Green Mizuna SeedMicrogreensMediumMild10-14 days


What are the easiest sprouts for beginners?
All of our alfalfa mixes are easy to start with, alfalfa mixed with fenugreek, radish, or broccoli. The beans are simple to grow and can be eaten in 2-3 days: Mixed beans, Mung, Pea, Sunflower and Lentil. Radish also is an easy one to start with.

What are the best seeds to sprout for health?
Broccoli calabrese for sulforaphane, recognised as a chemoprotectant and good for
all round health. Radish for antioxidants. Red clover for women’s health and
menopausal symptoms. Alfalfa and Fenugreek for liver support. Mix, Lentil,
Sunflower for vegan protein.

What are the best seeds for growing microgreens?
Pea and Black Sunflower are the easiest for beginners. They are delicious, grow fast
and produce a good yield quickly. China Rose Radish is great too.

Why have I had difficulty sprouting seeds in the past?
Mould due to drainage is the most common issue, leave the grower on its side on the draining board between rinses. Try filtered water. Use water that isn’t too hot or too cold. Keep out of direct sunlight. Experiment with soaking the seeds for 4-12 hours before growing.

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