Brett and Kathy Kellett – The Founders

We founded SkySprouts in 1984. We’ve now taken a step back from the business and left it in the capable hands of our two daughters, giving us some much-longed-for rest after 30 years of building the business and raising our seven children. We now split our time between Devon and southern France, and spend our days meditating, playing table tennis, having fun with our grandchildren, cycling, and tending to our vegetables in both locations.

Kelda & Ellisha Kellett

We grew up with the business, it was part of our everyday home life. It’s always been a 7 days a week operation (growing sprouts need attending to every day), so it was always going on in the background. When we were very little we would “help” on packing days, using the date-gun to stick stickers onto everything (hours of fun!) Everyone was drafted in at times, and we enjoyed it, mucking in together and knowing we were helping mum and dad.

We got more involved in the business in our teens. Back then the business was much smaller and very different to manage, but it was also very labour intensive because we had none of the machinery we have today. It felt great to be part of something that could help our parents out, they were so grateful to have a break every once in a while, and we had a lot of fun working together.

Some years after going off to university and living away, we both made separate decisions to come back to the farm. We had happy memories of working in the business, and somehow it called us back home. We’ve been here ever since!

We are passionate about organic food and farming. We are always learning, but we are trying to do business in a good way, be kind, provide people with good food, give back more than we take out,  and, dare we say it, make people happy with our sprouts.

Now we have our own young children, leaving them a future world where they can flourish is deeply important to us. We believe organic farming is the only sustainable way to grow the food we need.