Brett and Kathy Kellett

Brett and Kathy Kellett founded SkySprouts in 1984, after moving out of Exeter City and purchasing a small farm in Devon named Skylands.

With 4 children already and a still-growing family, they wanted to provide us all with the best quality food possible. They filled up the garden with organic vegetables, bought chickens for organic eggs, and filled our kitchen with fresh organic dishes cooked from their own ingredients. The surplus vegetables were sold to make a living.

They then began experimenting with growing organic sprouts in the kitchen, and soon began selling these alongside the vegetables. They quickly found people couldn’t get enough of their sprouts, and so SkySprouts was born!

Seven children and over 30 years of sprouting later, we are thrilled to still be producing sprouts here on our farm in Devon. SkySprouts is now the largest producer of Organic Sprouts and Seeds in England, a testament to the years of love and hard work that Brett and Kathy put into the business.

Two years ago, Brett and Kathy finally retired, giving them time to travel the world, go to house music parties, play table-tennis and be grand-parents to their endlessly expanding family!

Mum and Dad are still on hand to offer advice when necessary, as their sprout-growing expertise is second-to-none. Whenever we get a new product in we always call them up to pick their brains about the best way to grow the perfect sprout! Some things never change (;

Ellisha Kellett

I started washing the sprouts for Dad before school when I was 15 years old, for £5 an hour. Back then the business was much smaller and very different to manage. It felt great to be part of something that could help my parents out – I always remember how grateful my Dad was to have a break every once in a while. I continued working in the business throughout college, and after moving away for University I came home to do it once again with Mum and Dad. 9 years later, I am thrilled to say I have now bought the business from my parents and am excited about the prospect of growing SkySprouts.

I have done many different jobs but this is the one that I can say that I truly love! I am so proud of what my parents have achieved over the years, and to be part of producing, selling and promoting organic food is a dream come true. Being part of the movement towards organic eating and sustainable living, working with customers who are passionate about organic food and farming, and creating a product I truly love and enjoy eating myself – it makes me very happy.