Our Story

Mum and dad started growing sprouts over 30 years ago. Back then, not many people had heard of organic food, let alone beansprouts. Everyone thought they were having a hippie phase when they bought an acre of land and moved to Devon.

SkySprouts was my mums idea. They were selling organic veggies and scraping a living to feed their four children, when mum (ever the health nerd) read a book about the health benefits of sprouts. She started sprouting seeds on the kitchen windowsill in jars. People couldn’t get enough of them, and so SkySprouts was born.

I am happy to say it wasn’t just a phase. Although they did proceed to have seven children, which didn’t help their reputation! The kitchen turned into an office, which turned into the warehouse we have today.

My sister and I still live on that same farm in Devon and the kids are now in charge of SkySprouts. . .Yeah! We are just as passionate about protecting this beautiful planet and producing only the best quality food, without the use of nasty chemicals and pesticides. Since my parents opened SkySprouts in 1984, our ethos has remained the same. For this reason, you won’t find anything on our website that isn’t organic.

SkySprouts is now the largest producer of Organic Sprouts and Seeds in the UK, a testament to my parents drive and commitment. We’re pretty proud of what they’ve done over the years. They stuck to their guns and have only ever dealt with organic suppliers, refusing to do business with supermarkets and staying loyal to our independent health stores. We still deliver by hand once a week to the shops in our local town that gave us our first business. It’s our way of saying thank you.

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