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Free delivery on orders over £40

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Our Story

We started growing sprouts over 30 years ago. It’s hard to imagine now, but back then, not many people had heard of organic food. We knew organic was what we wanted for ourselves, our children, and our planet. We were in our twenties when we bought land near our hometown in Devon and set out to get organic status. We have one of the earliest Soil Association licensee numbers around – it really was the early days of the organic movement.

Sprouts were Kathy’s idea. We were selling organic veg boxes and scraping a living to feed our four (soon to be seven) children. Kathy, always interested in the latest health trends, read a book about the health benefits of sprouts. She started sprouting seeds in the kitchen and we offered them to our little pool of veg box customers. People loved them, and so Skysprouts was born.

After thirty years of hard work, we have handed the reins over to our daughters. We are proud to say that the kids are now in charge of SkySprouts.  Ellisha and Kelda have worked alongside us in the business for years. They are still producing on our farm in Devon, where we have our home.

Our children are just as passionate about protecting this beautiful planet and producing only the best quality food, without the use of chemicals and pesticides, which now feels more important than ever. They now have their own motivation, in their own young children.

Since we began SkySprouts in 1984, our ethos has remained the same. For this reason, you won’t find anything on our website that isn’t organic.