Organic Sprouting Seeds

Why sprouts?

Sprouts are edible baby plants, at their peak of nutritional goodness. Sprouts are harvested after just 3-6 days, which makes them highly concentrated sources of nutrition. This process releases all the nutrition contained inside the seed. Sprouts are brimming with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, as well as plant compounds that can be converted into hormones to balance our blood sugar levels, moods, energy levels and improve gut bacteria.

Packed full of goodness
Packed full of goodness

High in essential vitamins,
proteins and nutrients

Body & Mind
Body & Mind

Sprouts are a rich source of plant hormones

Gut health
Gut health

Easier to digest than regular grains

Highly nutritious
Highly nutritious

More available nutrients than mature grains

Protecting the planet
Protecting the planet

Chemical, pesticide and fertiliser free


What are the easiest sprouts for beginners?
All of our alfalfa mixes are easy to start with, alfalfa mixed with fenugreek, radish, or broccoli. The beans are simple to grow and can be eaten in 2-3 days: Mixed beans, Mung, Pea, Sunflower and Lentil. Radish also is an easy one to start with.

What are the best seeds to sprout for health?
Broccoli calabrese for sulforaphane, recognised as a chemoprotectant and good for
all round health. Radish for antioxidants. Red clover for women’s health and
menopausal symptoms. Alfalfa and Fenugreek for liver support. Mix, Lentil,
Sunflower for vegan protein.

What are the best seeds for growing microgreens?
Pea and Black Sunflower are the easiest for beginners. They are delicious, grow fast
and produce a good yield quickly. China Rose Radish is great too.

Why have I had difficulty sprouting seeds in the past?
Mould due to drainage is the most common issue, leave the grower on its side on the draining board between rinses. Try filtered water. Use water that isn’t too hot or too cold. Keep out of direct sunlight. Experiment with soaking the seeds for 4-12 hours before growing.

Seeds for Sprouting

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