Organic Split Coriander Seed


Coriander – also known as Chinese Parsley – has been used as a medicine and for flavoring since ancient times began. With an impressive list of health benefits from reducing skin inflammation to regulating blood pressure, coriander really is a must in every grower’s garden and every kitchen! These tasty little seeds are great for growing microgreens and so easy too – we are very happy to welcome these lovely seeds to our collection.

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Fabienne Jeanneau
6 months 1 day ago

Hello, I bought a packet from you. I would like to know the best way to germinate split coriander seeds? (Jar or tray). Do I need to soak them? How long for? Than you.

5 months 28 days ago

Hi Fabienne,

I have found the best way to germinate coriander microgreens is to plant them in a well-moistened medium (soil or coconut coir), cover them to keep out the light, and don’t water them until after they have germinated. Once their leaves begin to show remove the cover and place in the light. Keep the medium moist but not soggy! You can also use these seed for planting in your garden 🙂

I hope this info helps.

Best wishes,