Organic Adzuki Sprouting Seeds


Great source of protein and fibre, supporting healthy blood sugar and heart health. Very easy to grow, ready in 3-5 days. Great for snacking alone, or salads, stews, or more.

Soil Association Organic
Soil Association Organic Certified
EU Organic Farming
EU Organic Farming Certified
One Percent for the Planet
One Percent for the Planet
GMO Free
GMO Free

Organic Adzuki Bean Sprouting Seeds, specially selected for growing adzuki sprouts and microgreens.

  • Great source of protein and fibre, supporting healthy blood sugar and heart health
  • Specially selected for growing sprouts and microgreens
  • Very easy to grow, ready in 3-5 days
  • 100% Organic – Soil Association Certified
  • Lab tested & high germination guaranteed
  • Non-GMO

Known as The Weight-Loss Bean, due to Adzuki’s ability to shed water retention and satisfy hunger without the calories. Adzuki is a deep, vibrant red and looks great in dishes. It has a rich meaty flavour and is a great substitute for canned black beans in curries, sauces, salads, stir fries and in rice. One of the hardest beans, when it comes to sprouting them, there is inevitably one or two that won’t soak up water. Pick them out when you harvest your sprouts.

Country of Origin: Italy
Botanical Name: Vigna angularis
Packaged in the UK in an eco-friendly, resealable pouch
Shelf-life: 6 months minimum
Taste: Slightly sweet and crunchy, with a tender texture

Collections: Sprouting Seeds, Microgreen Seeds


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Growing Insructions

How to Grow As Sprouts

  1. Soak the Seeds: Soak a handful of Adzuki Bean Seeds in water for 8-12 hours.
  2. Drain and Rinse: Drain the soak water and rinse the seeds under fresh, cool water.
  3. Sprouting Jar: Transfer the seeds to a sprouting jar, covered with a mesh lid.
  4. Placement: Keep the jar in a place with indirect sunlight at room temperature.
  5. Regular Rinsing: Rinse the seeds twice daily, ensuring to drain after each rinse.
  6. Harvest: The sprouts are typically ready for harvest in 3-5 days.

Tips: Ensure good air circulation and consistent moisture for optimal sprouting.

How to Grow As Microgreens

  1. Sow the Seeds: Spread the soaked Adzuki Bean Seeds evenly across a microgreens tray with soil.
  2. Light Soil Cover: Optionally cover with a thin layer of soil.
  3. Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged.
  4. Light Exposure: Place the tray in indirect sunlight or under a grow light.
  5. Harvest Time: Harvest your microgreens when they are a few inches tall, typically within 10-14 days.

Tips: Avoid overwatering and ensure sufficient light for healthy growth.


What do adzuki bean sprouts taste like?
They have a mildly sweet and crunchy flavour.

Are sprouted Adzuki beans safe to eat?
Yes, sprouted Adzuki beans are safe to eat. They should be properly rinsed and can be enjoyed raw or cooked, providing a nutritious addition to various dishes.

How long does it take to grow Adzuki Bean as microgreens?
Typically, it takes about 7-14 days.

Can I cook Adzuki Bean sprouts?
Yes, they can be enjoyed both raw and cooked.

What are the storage instructions for unused seeds?
Store unused seeds in their original resealable pouch in a cool, dry place.

Have these seeds been tested for pathogens?
Yes, they have been tested for salmonella, listeria, E. coli, and B. cereus.

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