Organic Adzuki Seed


Known as The Weight-Loss Bean, due to Adzuki’s ability to shed water retention and satisfy hunger without the calories. Adzuki is a deep, vibrant red and looks great in dishes. It has a rich meaty flavour and is a great substitute for canned black beans in curries, sauces, salads, stir fries and in rice. One of the hardest beans, when it comes to sprouting them, there is inevitably one or two that won’t soak up water. Pick them out when you harvest your sprouts.

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Nutritional information

Nutrition: Vitamins A, B, C and E, High in Calcium, Iron, Niacin, and essential Amino Acids
Protein: 25%
Sprouting Instructions: Soak 8-12 hours Rinse 2-3 x per day Harvest 2-4 days Yield 2:1 Shelf life 2 years

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