Organic Rambo Radish Seed


We are really happy we managed to source this incredibly high quality seed. Rambo Radish is like a turbo-injected China Rose sprout, with all the same benefits, at much higher concentrations.The difference in colour is astonishing. Rambo is a deep, rich vibrant purple and has a much stronger flavour. It is much deeper in colour and looks beautiful as a garnish. We use Rambo in our Alfalfa mixes and our Radish mixes. You can’t beat the vibrant colour, exciting flavour and incredible nutrient profile. Radish sprouts have been gaining popularity lately as a new ‘superfood’. A recent study suggests they could be even more nutritious and beneficial in preventing cancer than Broccoli sprouts, with red radish coming out as the sprout containing the highest levels of Glucosinolate, the compound that could help to prevent and treat cancer. They are an exceptionally good source of folate and B6, good for cardiovascular health. They are also packed with Vitamin C, which can help contribute to healthy skin, collagen-production, free-radical fighting, and weight-loss.

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