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How to Grow Broccoli Sprouts 

How to Grow Broccoli Sprouts 

Growing your own broccoli sprouts is simple. Follow these steps and you’ll have fresh sprouts ready to eat in just five days.

If you’re into your health and clued up about diet and nutrition, then you’ve probably already heard all about broccoli sprouts. If not, suffice to say, they’re insanely good for you. 

We’re not going to unpick the scientific research here. But reading the latest findings on broccoli sprouts left me so impressed that I quadrupled the amount I was eating. I’m currently getting through 100g a day.

Growing your own broccoli sprouts at home is hugely rewarding. You get to watch the entire process, from when the seeds first begin to germinate, and as they grow a little more each day.

Once you get the hang of it, you can have a steady supply of fresh sprouts on hand all the time.

And the best bit? They only take 5 days before they’re ready to eat. 

To get started you just need high quality organic seed and something to grow them in.

Step one: Clean

Start with between 3-7 tablespoons of seeds in one sprouting jar.

It’s best to start with a small amount because if you overfill your jar the sprouts may go off.

Fill the jar with a solution of water and apple cider vinegar, in a 1:10 ratio.

Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.  

Step two: Soak

Fill the jar with fresh water.

Give the seeds a stir to make sure they’re covered.

Leave them to soak for 6-8 hours or overnight.  

Step three: Rinse & Repeat 

Empty the water from the jar.

Fill the jar with fresh water, give it a shake to swish the seeds around, and empty.

Leave the jar on it’s side on the draining board or a drip tray. 

Allow the water to completely drain.

Rinse morning and evening for 3-5 days. 

Tip! Drainage is key. Sprouts don’t like to sit in stagnant water.

This is the MOST common cause of sprouts going bad. Make sure you drain them completely after each rinse.

Harvest time

Your sprouts are ready to harvest after 3-5 days.

They can be eaten as soon as the seeds are soft enough. 

We recommend harvesting at five days. This is a good balance between harvesting them at the peak of their nutritional potential and getting a good yield from your seeds.

Store your sprouts in the fridge in the jar or in a container with airflow.

Be careful not to put more than roughly 200g in any one container. Broccoli sprouts generate heat as they grow. If there’s too much in one container they may overheat. 

Tip! To store the sprouts, make a few holes in a Tupperware container. Sprouts need air circulation to prevent them from going bad.